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Housing Resources, Inc

Who We Are

HRI staff work with our partner agencies and congregations to routinely…

  • Prevent an eviction by covering back rent payments so a working family can avoid homelessness, can remain in their home where they have natural community supports like family and friends, and make it over a temporary rough patch.
  • Respond to a frantic call for emergency shelter from a homeless family arranging safe haven at the Eleanor House Rapid Re-housing Center and quickly relocating them to their own housing with the help of temporary rent subsidies and housing counseling.
  • Assist a low-income single mom to retain stable housing and improve her work income through extended rental subsidies and connections to partner agencies offering job supports and financial literacy education to learn new skills and pay rent on time.   
  • Contribute to individual and neighborhood health and safety by conducting Housing Quality Inspections on all units receiving homeless prevention grants or rent subsidies.
  • Engage a community landlord to sign a lease at a reduced affordable rental rate for a family receiving a rental subsidy and housing stability case management from HRI.

Eleanor House Rapid Re-housing Center This 24 bed facility serves homeless families with children 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.  Each family commits to the ambitious goal of stabilizing and identifying permanent affordable housing in less than thirty days.  Families are offered a comfortable and caring temporary home on their way to more permanent housing complete with meals, community areas, resident telephone, laundry facilities and children’s play area.  During their stay residents are supported to revitalize their family strengths and recover their emotional and financial footing.  School age children are assured the option to return to the school district of their primary residence prior to entering Eleanor House. 
The HRI Housing Stabilization Program:  Is a "One-stop-shop" as the Housing Assessment and Resource Agency (HARA):

  • Coordinated Intake and Assessment:  HRI is the community’s primary clearinghouse for housing solutions offering a centralized process to assist homeless or at-risk households.  HRI works with community partners to leverage and coordinate community resources to ensure effective shelter diversion and rapid re-housing.  Including hosting a weekly Community Housing Hour, with no appointment necessary.  HRI prioritizes households based on the severity of their housing crisis, and determines the most appropriate response for the situation presented. 
  • Homeless Prevention:  HRI is KalamazooCounty’s lead private agency focusing on reducing evictions for low income residents.  HRI plays a central role in Kalamazoo County Eviction Diversion Partnership offering on-site services at the court and financial resources to avoid homelessness and recurrence of eviction.  This truly unique collaborative brings together landlords, tenants, support services and the courts within a seamless process to preserve existing housing when ever possible.  
  • Rapid Re-housing:  HRI has a long standing commitment to rapidly exit homeless households from a shelter or unsustainable housing situation to new housing in the hopes of eliminating repeat episodes of homelessness. Given the complex needs of these vulnerable households more intensive intervention is provided for up to eighteen months in support of transition to independence. 
  • Permanent Supportive Housing:  For families chronically vulnerable to housing instability and repeat episodes of homelessness the combination of permanent, versus temporary, housing subsidies and supportive services is very effective.  HRI operates 55 scattered site subsidized rental units for families where the head of household has a disabling condition.

Permanent Affordable Housing:To address the local scarcity of affordable housing options and increase the opportunity for low income households to avoid homelessness HRI developed and operates four apartment communities: Pinehurst Townhomes, The Rickman House, Rosewood and Summit Park. HRI has 276 units of permanent affordable housing, 94 of which include supportive services for those with special needs.

What We Do

The mission of Housing Resources is the assurance of housing for socially or economically vulnerable residents of Kalamazoo County.

HRI is a leader in the fight against homelessness in Kalamazoo County. Annually the agency responds to the overwhelming need of homelessness in our community, providing assistance to those in need with homeless prevention grants and rental subsidies. These funds directly relieve the strapped budgets of those who were homeless or about to lose their housing, helping them to regain their emotional and financial footing.  The ripple affect also stimulates our local economy with landlords and banks receiving these payments increasing their ability to stay in business. 

HRI’s answer to the growing homeless problem is not just about survival. It is about long term solutions like employment, more affordable housing, services to address personal challenges and preventing homelessness by fostering self-sufficiency.  HRI helps hundreds of people tackle the barriers creating their housing crisis every year.  We support the creation of individual action plans and attainment of goals.  Those assisted can then keep on track to economic security and avoid future homelessness.  We also link to community services to assist with the range of related factors impacting housing stability.