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Who We Are

We provide FREE educational workshops to low-income homeowners on various aspects of home repair and home maintenance.  

Workshops and Series

Check the calendar in the sidebar for upcoming workshops.

Current Workshop Offerings

Basements & Crawlspaces (H)- Learn to keep your basement dry & safe, reduce moisture, & know when to call a professional

Budgeting for Home Repairs (R) – How to set up a budget & plan wisely for both planned & unexpected home repairs

Ceramic Tile (R) – Learn ceramic tiling from project planning, to application, to preservation in this hands-on workshop

Common Door Repairs (C) – How to repair, remove, & replace doors, locks, & hinges to prevent warping & keep doors operating smoothly

Drywall Basics (R) – Everything Drywall: Learn to cut, install, repair holes & corners, & more, for the perfect drywall finish

Electrical Systems (C, R) – A basic introduction to all things electrical: Save money by safely maintaining your home’s electrical systems

Fall/Winter Maintenance (C, H) – Prevent damage & save money: Learn techniques to prepare your home, inside & out, for fall & winter

Gutter & Window Cleaning (H) – How to clean & maintain gutters & windows in preparation & response to the changing weather

Hand Tools (C, R) – Learn identification & basic techniques, plus some new tricks, to always choose the right tool for the job

Heating Systems (C, H) – Understand, identify, & perform routine maintenance on your home’s heating systems

Home Safety & Security (C) – Recognize dangers & gain skills to keep your home & family safe: Fires, carbon monoxide, theft, & more

Homeowner’s Insurance (C) – Learn which insurance type & how much coverage you need, & how to lower your premium with home repairs

Lawn Care (C) – Everything you need to easily & inexpensively improve & maintain your lawn

Lawn Mower Maintenance (C) – Save upwards of $60 by maintaining your mower; change oil, filter, & spark plugs in this HANDS-ON class

All About Mold (H) – Effectively identify, control, & eliminate toxic molds in your home to keep your family healthy & safe

Painting (R) – Hands-on class teaching what paint to use, where, & how to use it, plus prep, cleaning, storage, & more

Pest Control (H) – Bedbugs, Mice, & Termites, OH MY! Gain skills to prevent pests in your home & know when to call a pro

Power Tools (C, R) – Learn to safely operate the most common power tools (saws, drills, etc.) at this hands-on workshop

Plumbing Systems (C, R) – Recognize common problems & learn to maintain & repair your home’s plumbing systems

Siding Repairs (H) – Replace, repair, & maintain various types of siding to prevent damage to your home

Spring/Summer Maintenance – Learn critical annual maintenance tasks, assess & repair damages, & prepare your home for spring/summer

Ventilation & Air Conditioning – Keep it cool! Learn simple ways to save by maintaining your home’s ventilation & air conditioning systems

Weatherization – Save money & energy using simple methods to protect your home against the elements in every season

What We Do

Community Homeworks empowers our low-income neighbors to maintain safe, sustainable and dignified homes. Our services include critical home repairs, whole-house weatherization, and home repair workshops. We are in need of skilled volunteers with construction, contracting or home-improvement experience to teach workshops, assist with weatherization services and repairs, and build display models for the education program. Volunteers without construction experience are also needed to help keep our office clean and for various other needs as they arise. We cannot accommodate court-ordered volunteers.


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